Flexible work at your fingertips.

You're probably reading this while getting through your Anki deck and eating leftovers from last night. We get it - you're busy. You're worried about all the school debt and want some side income to pay for a night out with friends or for groceries (to upgrade from that ramen).

AppBuddy is here to help. You got into a school that someone is hoping to get into. Help them while making some side income.

Earn money as a student.

Be your own boss

Work when and how you want; have the option to offer services in 5+ categories. No long term commitment necessary.

Set your own rates

You keep 100% of what you charge! No listing fees, no monthly costs to you. Hassle free payments via options like Venmo.


We make the whole process easy, connecting you directly with students — so you can focus on being a med/dental student.

Becoming a Helper in 3 steps:


Tell us about yourself and select what services you want to offer.


Choose your own schedule and prices. We're there to help along the way.


Once the team verifies your application, your profile will go live!

FAQ for helpers

You can offer any service you want to, including but not limited to:

⦁ consultation

⦁ personal statement brainstorm

⦁ personal statement editing

⦁ secondary statement editing

⦁ mock interview

It takes 3-5 business days to process your information. If we need any additional information from you, we'll be in touch!

⦁ Be at least 18 years old.

⦁ Consent to an ID check. This helps keep our platform safe for all our users.

⦁ Must be enrolled in a graduate program in the United States or Canada.

⦁ Must be able to provide proof of schools that you received acceptances to or schools you received interviews at.

If you aren't receiving as many requests as you'd like, consider adjusting your profile. Feel free to adjust your rates and/or the services you're offering.

Please email info@theappbuddy.com with any questions! We're excited to here from you.