FAQ for students

The AppBuddy team takes time to screen every AppBuddy Helper. We verify all credentials. It is a tedious yet crucial process. We continuously ensure that you are receiving high quality services from our AppBuddy Helpers. We also rely on your feedback from your experience with our AppBuddy Helpers!

Yes, we love our neighbors up North! AppBuddy Helpers are located across North America. What are you waiting for, eh?

The AppBuddy team does not set the prices - we are simply here to connect you to an AppBuddy Helper. We believe you shouldn't be paying thousands of dollars for application help - prices need to be affordable and accessible.

Each AppBuddy Helper sets their own prices for the services they are offering. We ensure that you can always find someone that works within your budget!

We'd love to answer your questions! Email us at info@theappbuddy.com